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-Two little pups are bored staying at home on the farm. Even though they’re not allowed, the pups set off into the forest by themselves. Suddenly they hear a yapping. Maybe it’s someone new to play with!
Good to know
The characters featured in the book can also be found as soft toys at Children's IKEA, e.g. HOPPIG dog and LILLEPLUTT cat.
Text by Ulf Stark, illustrations by Ann-Cathrine Sigrid Ståhlberg. 32 pages, hard cover. Richly illustrated. For ages 2-7.
Recommended for ages 2-7.
32 pages.
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Designed by Ikea
Category: Children’s / Children's books
IKEA ID: 803.883.61
Price: $ 3
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Dimensions of SKOGSLIV

Pages: 32 pieces
Width: 8 ¾ in
Height: 12 ¼ in

Pages: 32 pieces
Width: 22.2 cm
Height: 31.4 cm

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Hard cover: Solid cardboard, Paper, Chlorine free bleached paper
Cover paper/ Body: Paper, Chlorine free bleached paper

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