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-In this cookbook you’ll find recipes for everything from curved salmon and rich spicy shrimp to stock to vegetarian dishes featuring seaweed pearls and new ways of serving marinated herring.
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Copy: Anna Michelson.
Art director: Nikko Amandonico.
Interior designers: Victoria Nordström, Katarina Grundströmer.
Photo: Ewa-Marie Rundquist, Nikko Amandonico, Oskar Falck.
192 pages.
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Dimensions of SJÖRAPPORT

Pages: 192 pieces
Width: 7 ¾ in
Height: 9 ¾ in

Pages: 192 pieces
Width: 19.6 cm
Height: 24.8 cm

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Hard cover: Solid cardboard, Paper, Chlorine free bleached paper
Cover paper/ Body: Paper, Chlorine free bleached paper

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